Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he'll spend all day in a boat drinking beer.

OK, I'll be honest; I've been vegetarian for more years than I care to count, so I don't eat fish and I'm intolerant of beer, so I don't drink that either. But ignoring that, it's quite a nice saying. I'll bring sandwiches and cider and we can just watch the birds and seals instead.



I'm not yet 100% sure how this page will develop. My plan is to have example boats and case studies, possibly some plans.


West Mersea Duck Punt
The West Mersea Duck Punt is a brilliant and simple interpretation of a concept that goes back centuries and is highly relevant today. It's cheap, can be built in a couple of weekends and rows, paddles or sails brilliantly. Being light and efficiently driven means no need for an outboard. It's light enough to car-top and light enough to not need a launching trolley. Build one for under £100. Proper sails add a bit more.
Model yachts - well why not?
Model radio-controlled yachts can be great fun and give you the opportunity to learn some sailing skills and techniques, and perhaps practice racing techniques and the rules, whilst not falling in, getting wet, or spending huge amounts of money.
Someone else's boat
You don't have to own a boat to sail. Why not sail with someone else who owns a boat.
Budget dighies to buy.
There are some really very good low-cost dinghies out there.
What's wrong with small?
There are small yachts and dayboats that cost only part of an arm and hardly any leg at all.