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The words we use in sailing. Terminology
The knots we use is sailing ... well, a few vital ones, anyway.
How the wind and the boat work together to get around ... And how we sail towards the wind.
As much or as little as you want. It can be close to nothing.
How to avoid it.
Well, questions I think will be frequent, anyway.
What they are, why they're different, how they work.
There's an old saying ... "It isn't the sea that's dangerous, it's the hard bits at the edges". How to avoid bumping into them.
A collection of hints and tips about getting your boat, and perhaps your crew, to do what you want.
There are lots of types of sails and sail-plans ... don't be fooled into thinking that the modern high-tech laminated Bermudian sails are "the best". Ask the question "Best for what?"

How much?

How much? Anything between many millions at the silly end, through absolutely nothing, and on to a reasonable compromise.

Here I'll focus on "it need not cost much at all".

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